Welcome to Unstoppable Creatives

A community for creatives looking to grow, expand, and propel their creative practice and life.

What is Unstoppable Creatives?

Unstoppable Creatives is a private community for creatives of all disciplines who want to grow their creative selves and connect with other artists on a deeper level.

This is a space off of social media, away from the noise of a busy home feed, repressing algorithm, or explore page.

Here in Unstoppable Creatives, our main focus is to nurture our creative selves inside and out. Get back to the root of why we started creating and how we can become better artists.

This is not about art business or social media strategies!

Unstoppable Creatives gets to the core of creative blocks, mindsets, and limiting beliefs. We foster a space that is focused on personal growth and a connected creative community as the foundation to a well balanced creative life. 

Here we put aside business and social media to grow what matters the most, your creative self.

Who Is This Community For?

  • Creatives of all kinds! Painters, crafters, ceramists, sculptors, printmakers, etc. 
  • If you want to connect live, face to face and make lasting friendships with like-minded creatives who are on the same journey.
  • Those who are focused on personal growth.
  • Creatives looking to have accountability systems to help them be the creative they know they are capable of becoming. 
  • Artists who are tired of every group being about art business and social media. 
  • Those looking to reconnect with their inner creative. 
  • Creatives looking to get past their blocks and limiting mindsets.
  • Artists wanting to expand their creative practice.

What You Will Find Inside

Live Creative Discussions (Included in Creative Expansion Paid Membership)

Twice monthly there is a topic to discuss live on zoom. This is a group discussion, not just the host talking or teaching. These discussions are perspective-shifting and get to the heart of why and how we create.

Book Club (FREE)

Each month a book that is creativity/personal growth focused will be chosen for those who would like to read it together. Weekly questions are asked to talk about that week's chapters. Then at the end of the month an overall discussion about the book. 

Weekly Accountability (FREE)

Start off the week with an accountability check-in. This helps you stay on task to reach your goals. At the end of the week, we celebrate our accomplishments. 

Paint Together/ Coworking Session (Included in Creative Expansion Paid Membership)

Once a month there is a live paint together. It's like getting together with friends to spend a night creating and chatting. Once a month there is a coworking session where we can batch content, stage photos, and plan for the next month together. These are fun accountability hang-out zooms

Art Critiques (Included in Creative Expansion Paid Membership)

Need help with your artwork? Every Friday there is an open critique model where you can ask the talented creatives in this group for assistance with your work in progress.

Master Classes (Included in Creative Expansion Paid Membership)

Online courses and knowledge dumps to help you excel and expand as a creative. Example - Goal Planning for Artists and Creative Cycles

Monthly live Q&A (FREE)

Jump on a zoom call and ask your host Artist and Creative Coach Priscilla George your creativity questions and receive help from all the creatives in the community.

Weekly Creative Posts (FREE)

Thought-provoking posts from your host Artist and Creative Coach Priscilla George along with posts from creatives in the community.


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